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"Illuminati Trump - Cyber Terror and Obama
Humans tend to believe prophecy sometimes because of uncertainty about the future.
It is impossible to return time, so if you can know future events or accidents in advance, you need to take preventive measures in advance so that you do not have to regret and reflect.
Koreans say that they do not believe in prophecy, but when it comes to an uneasy time, they have their fortune told by analyzing the horoscope.
Especially, when the presidential election season approaches, the prosecutors, called the South Korean elite class, even goes to the shamans and augurs, and they are told who will be the next president, who can decide the fate of the prosecutor 's office, by listening to the prophecy.
Americans who follow pragmatism believe in superstition more than we think.
In the West, there are a lot of prophets who are corresponds to shamans (fortune tellers, augurs) in Korea.

< Overseas prophets. The picture on the far right is the blind prophet of Bulgaria, Baba Vanga >


"There is a prophecy card called Illuminati Card, or Illuminati Game Card, released in 1995 in the United States.
Six years later, this card got attention by predicting in the 2001 US 911 terrorist attacks: World Trade Center twin building terror, US Department of Defense (Pentagon) terror, and NASA moon landing hoax and mad cow disease that spread worldwide in 2000.
Among the 526 Illuminati cards, there are not only predictions for the United States but also for other countries, such as the Japanese nuclear explosion."


File: 1541737181920.jpg (114.68 KB, 1002x600, 052-Illuminati-card-predicted-…)

"Among them, the prophecy about Korea, it was foretold the human mad cow disease upheaval in 2008, the suicide of President Roh Moo-hyun in 2009, the PSY's Gangnam-style craze in cyberspace in 2012, 320 cyber terror by North Korea in 2013, and even the presidency of the next South Korean president, Moon Jae-in.

< Illuminati card that predicted President Moon Jae-in's ruling >
Moon Jae-in is using his family name as 'Moon' in his last name, and in order to give the South Korean people a sense of security in an unstable situation due to the government's obligation to observe the duty of the defense and the obligation of labor, he often took a foolish gesture ('full' is a homonym of 'fool') such as smiles heavily."


File: 1541737208215.jpg (135.42 KB, 819x600, 105-Illuminati-card-prophesied…)

"< Illuminati card that prophesied South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun's suicide >
In English, 'angst' means uneasy mind and agony. In general, Japanese samurai knives for disembowelment mean suicide. President Roh Moo-hyun, who had been very difficult with the keikakuning investigation of the prosecutor's strategy department, throws himself into the ground.


File: 1541737238755.jpg (159.73 KB, 821x600, 160-Illuminati-card-predicted-…)

"In addition, the appearance of the Gangnam style of music video which led to the worldwide enthusiasm and spreading the Korean Wave was predicted. Considering that there was no internet YouTube in 1995, it was presumed that the video site was called 'Video Games' in these days.

< Illuminati card that predicted PSY Gangnam style frenzy. >
Reflected in the sunglasses depicted on the card, the Gangnam style music video contained a scene of a fan dancing female dancer, when the banner of a light keikakue was reflected on PSY's sunglasses.


File: 1541737269178.jpg (102.31 KB, 785x600, 167-Illuminati-card-predicted-…)

"The death of Yoo Byung-eun, a founder of the South Korean Salvation Sect religion, who was related to the sinking of the Sewol Ferry in 2014, is also predicted.

< Illuminati card that predicted the death of Sewol Ferry Yoo Byung-eun >
The body of Yoo Byung-eun was in a state of skeleton progression due to the hot weather in summer, so it was not easy to identify the skeleton at the time of the discovery, so the South Korean National Science Investigation shot the CT (computed tomography). In that CT picture, all of his body was yellow except the skull shone like crystal.


File: 1541737296922.jpg (155.96 KB, 923x600, 208-Illuminati-card-predicts-U…)

"This card also predicts some South Korean TV media has shown cruel images of cattle, cattle eyes, tongue, and brains in the case of mad cow disease upheaval.

< Illuminati card predicts the US BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) as known as the mad cow disease >
The word 'mutilator' in English means cutter, impairing person. Every time the South Korean news announcers reporting the mad cow disease news broadcast a disturbing chart of anatomy of the US cattle and analyze the dangerous part of mad cow disease infected to perhaps make the Korean people to having disgust to US things. There is a suggestion in the card that the cattle have slaughtered hundreds of times by Koreans.
South Korean farmers worried that cattle prices would fall would exaggerate the risk of mad cow disease, and agitate the nation's US beef boycotts campaign, while the US embassy commented that it is a mass hysteria.


File: 1541737342654.jpg (212.27 KB, 1120x600, 221-Illuminati-card-predicts-t…)

"Although financial interests have created conflicts in the first, this remark from the United States has left the Korean traditionalists and farmers' activists with an emotional trap for the US embassy.
It is also predicted that Kim Ki-jong, a South Korean farmer activist who founded the 'Our yard' and 'Dokdo guards' in 2015, attempts to assassinate US Ambassador, Mark Lippert.

< Illuminati card predicts terror attack on US Ambassador Mark Lippert >
In English, 'paranoid' refers to paranoid patients, which are also macroscopically similar to hysteria, and this word also induced old grudge about the US comment about the mad cow disease upheaval in South Korea as ""It was a hysterical response."" at that time.


File: 1541737369598.jpg (168.8 KB, 1081x600, 243-Illuminati-card-predicted-…)

"< Illuminati card that predicted twin building terror >
English 'nuke' is a slang word for nuclear weapons and does not necessarily mean nuclear bombs.
In spite of criticism from environmental groups, the US military unofficially mainly uses depleted uranium warheads and bullets which are nuclear weapons fuel or processing byproducts for unmanned ammunition and launch shells.
This is because uranium is heavier than ordinary copper or lead warheads, so that even if the same explosive charge is used, armor penetration and body destructive power are maximized.
In the war against Vietnam, the United States used Agent Orange, as well as the Iraqi war for ousting Saddam Hussein, it has been using biochemical weapons which have been proved that US soldiers who were engaged in these wars were suffering aftereffect.


File: 1541737397762.jpg (192.78 KB, 1233x600, 281-Illuminati-card-predicted-…)

"The United States, where the United Nations is located, does not apply international law or war crime charges to the method of punishing terrorist crime groups which have committed mass murdering terrorist attacks on innocent civilians.
Therefore, it is unlikely that depleted uranium is not used to effectively destroy terrorists.

< Illuminati card that predicted terrorism of US Pentagon >

In the case of the controversy over the US moon landing, it has been called for conspiracy theories for decades, and as science and technology has developed, it has been revealed just like heliocentrism that the strong radiation band around the earth causes the lives on earth impossible to go to the moon without 1 meter thick lead protective wall."


"Then, in 2013, China landed an unmanned probe at the moon landing site, where they did not find evidence of the remains of American astronauts, including the American flag.
The United States had to support China in the communal space research cooperation and development for humankind. But US NASA has banned Chinese scientists from entering NASA in 2011 to hinder their probe, and it presumed that US was worried that the moon landing conspiracy would become true.
The United States should have supported China to collect evidence that US is the first that man landed on the moon and it was reasonable to dismiss the controversial lunar landing, but it interfered with other nation's exploration, so it is estimated that China intentionally have landed an unmanned probe where the 1970s US moon landing area.


"Since the landing of the unmanned probe, China says no sign of a manned spacecraft, even more they announced the US lunar landing is a manipulation, and the United States hurriedly keikakus to send a probe to the moon by the end of 2018, reversing NASA's valueless standpoint since now.
In the meantime, the United States has been requested of disclosure of the original footages of the moon landing which has been under controversy, and US responded that NASA mistakenly lost, and judging from those careers of the United States has destroyed the evidence, it is likely to produce evidence or damage on the moon in this probing keikaku.

< An Illuminati card that predicted a US moon landing manipulation. The bottom right shows the imaginative illustration at the South Korean Aerospace Research Institute. At that time, the lack of intelligence of Park Geun-hye regime did not know the hoax of the US moon landing, and South Korea dared to keikakus to land the manned spacecraft on the moon by 2020. >


File: 1541737528744.jpg (143.94 KB, 764x600, 301-Illuminati-card-predicted-…)

< An Illuminati card that predicted a US moon landing manipulation. The bottom right shows the imaginative illustration at the South Korean Aerospace Research Institute. At that time, the lack of intelligence of Park Geun-hye regime did not know the hoax of the US moon landing, and South Korea dared to keikakus to land the manned spacecraft on the moon by 2020. >


File: 1541737560240.jpg (154.15 KB, 951x600, 333-Illuminati-card-predicting…)

"In the United States, except for some large cities, the vast majority of people, just like Russia, Canada, and Australia, are farmers working in the agricultural and livestock industries.
The United States is one of the agricultural countries that mainly export agricultural products, not industrial goods such as China and Japan, and this card predicted the outbreak of a new disease called mad cow disease all over the world.

< Illuminati card predicting human mad cow disease in Texas livestock industry >


"Amazingly, the Illuminati card was predicted Barack Hussein Obama, the first black president in American history in 2009, and also the Julian Assange who was revealed on WikiLeaks by hacking US secret diplomatic documents.
On account of limited space, numerous Illuminati card prophecies are not mentioned here, and they can be found on the Internet.
Even though Nostradamus leaves a lot of prophecy, predictors including him have a limit capacity to the ability to mass-create professional fictional stories in a wide range of fields just like Illuminati cards.
As controversy increased, Steve Jackson, who made this card game, said in the press, ""I am a computer designer and not a prophet. One of the employees wrote the scenario of the card based on the information that hacked the Illuminati site. ""
Illuminati are one of the secret social groups in the United States that originated the gathering of masons called Freemason since medieval Europeans.


File: 1541737627161.jpg (175.73 KB, 800x533, 350-Illuminati-marks-drawn-US-…)

"It is presumed that this concealed organization have a strong influence over the politics and economy of the United States, and are managed through pseudo-religious cohesion and blind followers.

< Illuminati marks drawn on a one US dollar bill which is the least currency of US. Feeling awkward, there is also word of 'God', in English which means Jesus Christ, Allah, or the Lord. >
Despite the enormous impact on the American politics and economics, however, the members are veiled completely so the public opinion confuses on their reality.
Since questioning the actual possibility of existence such a cultish organization, there is a strong tendency to the Illuminati itself as conspiracy theories.
After the Korean War, the United States has written a series of keikakus to prepare for the collapse of the Soviet Union since the beginning Cold War era with the Soviet Union.


"Steve Jackson, a card maker, has hacked the radical world domination schemes envisioned by the Illuminati think tanks during the brainstorming stage of the drawing board.
It may be that one of the political enthusiast group in the United States unleash the imagination of domination of the world and has created an elaborate script that will influence the world situation.
However in common sense, it is impossible to carry out as keikakuned to hold supremacy of the world with the novelize keikakus except religious fanaticism.
For example, if the 911 attacks were the work of the Illuminati zealots, they would have driven the keikakue to complete the keikaku of suicide mission.
But it is clear that the claim that there is a card of a prophetic thing is existing is in an unscientific domain.
For this reason, we can only assume that the Illuminati organization is operated by a religious bond with a level that forces members to commit suicide.


"In the United States, until the 1990s, there were various pseudo-religious groups followed by numerous followers mostly apocalypticists (the Apocalypse believers).
Obeying to the instructions of the chaplain of some organizations, the murder of entertainers and the mass suicide of the members were carried out without conscience.
There is a precedent when the chaplain who grew tired of followers has even taken the testicles of male members under the pretext of boarding the alien spaceship hidden behind the comet.
When the early American immigrants descended from Puritanism and migrated to avoid religious persecution, it is impossible to rule out the genetic element of the traits of American nationality to addict to pseudo-religion.
Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that Illuminati are a religious group composed of fanatic believers.


"To the contrary, another hypothesis is that the Illuminati card may have motivated the American political and economic policies.
From the standpoint of the power, it is necessary to search of political issues and social issues to catch the public's attention in order to mitigate conflicts, divisions, inevitable natural disasters and anxieties within the United States.
In the human ability reaching the limits of his imagination, influencers are inspired by the Cold war keikakus hacked by Steve Jackson which became a motivation of the Illuminati game card or the understandably depicted Illuminati cards itself.


File: 1541737724025.jpg (212.87 KB, 1266x600, 354-Illuminati-card-predicted-…)

"There is already an example that the US Illuminati organization did a political show in the name of a first black man president who is believed to be an Illuminati follower or Deep Agent with brilliant rhetoric and gentle gesture, and he is US President Barack Obama whose middle name coincide with Saddam Hussein who is eliminated by Obama.
Astonishingly, it is also predicted that Obama will be humiliated, while a card that predicted the election of President Obama on the other side.

< An Illuminati card that predicted the appearance of a first black president. As a young man, Obama lived in dissipated life including drugs, his dyed hair and earrings symbolize prodigal on the cards. >


File: 1541737751831.jpg (171.96 KB, 780x600, 359-Illuminati-card-predicted-…)

"Indeed, Obama remained the first African-American president in history, but he was insulted by South Koreans and this prediction has also come true.

< An Illuminati card that predicted South Korea backlashing against Obama. The color of the broken egg signifies the blood and semen of a person, which means rape and defile. >
In the Obama's last term in office in 2015, the South Korean court sentenced guilty to attempt to intimidate Obama without knowing the diplomatic wave, and the next US President Trump has yet to send a formal diplomat to the South Korean government, which is interpreted as an expression of diplomatic boycott of South Korea in the international community.


File: 1541737781188.jpg (106.15 KB, 946x600, 472-Illuminati-card-predicted-…)

< Illuminati card that predicted President Donald Trump's election. The phrase "Enough is Enough" was Trump's favorite catch phrase. >


File: 1541737807350.jpg (172.61 KB, 908x600, 476-Illuminati-card-predicting…)

"Unusually, Illuminati cards deal with computer viruses, worms, cyber warriors, and hackers appeared four times which are so often. If we look at these warning-related cards without ignoring the prophecies, it is presumed that we are able to prevent North Korean terrors.

< Illuminati card predicting the Logic Bomb of the 3.20 Computerized Threat >
Moreover, Illuminati cards are becoming increasingly important because they have unique feature, not like tarot cards and other prophetic tools, Illuminati cards continue to update new cards and give new predictions.
It is estimated that a total of 581 prophecy cards have been published so far, and the new cards contain new prophecies, including the 2020 Tokyo Olympic terror in Japan.
The prophecy of the 2020 Olympic terror in Tokyo is an indefinite fact that has not been realized, and it is not mentioned here because it will be the dissemination of unfounded rumor.


"Though an old Asian saying, it can be a good interpretation more than dreams, the content predicted on the Illuminati card is more than a threshold number of coincidence between the sensible clue and the fact that the South Korean government should be preparing for the future keikakus of the US through this trump card, and it will not be the inordinate reaction.

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I hear that Q guy knows about this stuff.

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