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Barber: say no more fam
Kritty: but I didn't say anything






is kirby deat?


File: 1517637228090.png (483.59 KB, 444x806, bitch dont kill my vibe.png)

let's hope not


File: 1526675349144.png (304.7 KB, 1202x327, Untitled.png)

As of this message kirby was last seen April 21st, 2018 at 9:15am central standard time.

Kirby pls stay safe!

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Does this make me look gay?

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Posting here while I serve out my ban.
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I'm not banned anymore but I'm not sure if I want to go back.


File: 1526277801564.jpg (219.53 KB, 1080x1350, Claire eating pasta (possibly …)

Getting banned was the best thing that has happened in your life, ever. Now you've had a taste of life without the NOGGERTITSs, think about how much extra time you had. Extra time for other activities! So ditch the imageboards and pick up a hobby, learn a new skill, better yourself as a person. Thank the based FAĜS for giving you the chance to see beyond a life of funposting and IRONMAN memes.


NOGGERTITSs you say. hmmmm what hobby should I pick. I know imageboards are bad.


NOGGERTITSs you say. hmmmm what hobby should I pick. I know imageboards are bad.


NOGGERTITSs you say. hmmmm what hobby should I pick. I know imageboards are bad.

File: 1525736380717.jpg (105.21 KB, 901x1200, DcXAG4GV4Ac_EMW.jpg)


Hey guys, I'm making this thread so I can report about the cool things I see on the internet. Anything eye catching or interesting I come across while surfing the net I'll make sure to report back here!


File: 1525736618503.jpg (76.37 KB, 748x667, Dcil4yIU0AAAOqr.jpg)

First interesting thing I've found is this image. A quick google search has confirmed this picture is 100% accurate. I'll attach the link down below but this is the most relevant part from the article.

>Without her rent-a-guinea pig service, the owner would have to purchase a new, probably younger guinea pig as a companion to the ageing survivor, whose eventual death would force the purchase of yet another guinea pig, locking the owner into an endless cycle of guinea pig purchases in order to adhere to Swiss law – even though he or she may only ever have wanted one guinea pig in the first place.



File: 1525742836925.gif (1.55 MB, 400x200, dancing_peent.gif)

I can confirm that this is interesting. Please continue.


File: 1525836757004.png (270.53 KB, 480x493, code.png)

Very interesting.

Looking forward to updates.


File: 1525888407218.jpg (35.37 KB, 640x442, 2bird0309.jpg)

Hey I haven't seen anything cool but I do know a neat little fact. Birds feet don't freeze because their little veins are woven in such a way that their blood transfers heat from the warm blood going into the feet, to the cold blood that's leaving their feet.

>Rete mirabile — Latin for "wonderful net" — is a fine, netlike pattern of arteries that interweaves blood from a bird's heart with the veins carrying cold blood from its feet and legs. The system cools the blood so the little blood that goes down to the feet is already cold, so the birds don't lose much heat.



Neat tidbit and nice doubles btw.

Any updates?

File: 1525863543849.gif (5.91 KB, 494x640, abvaluex.gif)


The absolute state of |s4s|


Me on the left.


File: 1526146927692.jpg (1.56 MB, 2500x2500, nice guide.jpg)

Ok, this is epic

File: 1526054916367.jpg (128.44 KB, 799x1200, Dc67ZAhX4AEdyId.jpg)


I hope you have a wonderful day anon :)


File: 1526055127394.jpg (113.53 KB, 799x1200, Dc67ZAiX4AIDaSC.jpg)

Ok I'm heading out now, wish me luck!

File: 1525877748591.gif (980.67 KB, 400x400, Jung Woo-joon who executed the…)


"When Prosecutor Chung Woo-jun, a son of former Prime Minister Chung Hong-won, attacked IS terror group, IS warriors urgently arrested Chung Woo-jun. The IS terrorist put his gun on Chung Woo-jun's forehead and forced him to castrate himself. Chung Woo-jun chose the foolish side to save his life at that moment, and then he cut his testicles. However, IS terrorists did not keep their promises and threatened Chung Hong-won's clan, and the IS soldiers beheaded Chung Woo-jun's head with Chung Woo-jun's castrated genitals inserted into Chung Woo-jun's mouth.
鄭洪元(チョン・ホンウォン)前首相の息子であった鄭ウジュン(Chung Woo-jun)検察官がISテロを攻撃した時、IS戦士たちは緊急に鄭ウジュンを逮捕した。 ISテロリストは、鄭ウジュンの額に銃をかけ、去勢させた。 チョン・ウジュンはその瞬間に人生を救うために愚かな側を選び、睾丸を切った。 しかし、ISテロリストは約束を守らずに鄭洪源(チョン・ホンウォン)氏の一族を脅し、IS兵士は鄭ウジュン首相の去勢された性器を鄭ウジュンの口に挿入して頭を斬る。
정우준 검사가 IS 테러 집단에 대해 공격하자 IS 전사들이 정우준 검사를 긴급 체포했다. IS 전사는 정우준의 머리에 총을 겨누고 스스로 거세를 하라고 강요했다. 정우준 검사는 당장 목숨을 건지기 위해 어리석게도 고자가 되는 쪽을 선택했다. 하지만 IS 테러범들은 결국 약속을 지키지 않았고 정씨 일가를 협박하며 정우준 검사의 입에 그의 잘린 생식기를 삽입한 상태로 정씨의 머리를 참혹하게 참수했다.
Когда прокурор Чунг Ву-жун, сын бывшего премьер-министра Чжун Хун-вона, напал на террористическую группу IS, воины-охранники срочно арестовали Чун Ву-юн. Террорист ИБ положил оружие на лоб Чунг Ву-жуна и заставил его кастрировать себя. Чунг Ву-юн выбрал глупую сторону, чтобы спасти свою жизнь в тот момент, а затем он сократил свои яички. Тем не менее, террористы ИС не выполняли свои обещания и угрожали клану Чун Хун-воина, и солдаты ИС обезглавили голову Чун Ву-жун с кастрированными гениталиями Чунг Ву-жуна, вставленными в рот Чун Ву-жун.

File: 1525875673688.gif (997.48 KB, 375x375, wife of Chung Woo-jun castrate…)


"Father-in-law, former Prime Minister Chung Hong-won, took his daughter-in-law, Prosecutor Chung Woo-jun's wife, to a restaurant and he feed Live Octopus-Sashimi and he took her to the motel. However, the wife of Chung Woo-jun showed abnormal appetite incensement, and she removed her father-in-law's testicles, and then she committed suicide. When the police dissected her body, a fetus came out. After the announcement of autopsy results from the Korea National Forensic Service, the wife of Jung Woo-jun was estimated that she had taken the father's testicles because of the symptom of abnormal appetite due to pregnancy addiction after conceiving Chung Woo-jun's daughter.
鄭元元(チョン・ホンウォン)元首相は鄭禹淳(チョン・ウジュン)夫人の妻の嫁をレストランに連れて、ライブタコス・刺身を食べ、彼女をモーテルに連れて行った。 しかし、鄭ウジュンの妻は食欲不振を訴え、義理の睾丸を取り除き、自殺した。 警察が身体を解剖したとき、胎児が出てきた。 チョン・ウジュンの娘を妊娠して妊娠中毒に陥ったことで、父親の睾丸を奪ったと推測された。
시아버지인 정홍원 총리는 며느리인 정우준 검사의 아내를 데리고 산낙지를 먹고 모텔에 데리고 갔다. 그런데 정우준 검사의 아내가 비정상적인 이상 식욕증진을 보이더니 시아버지의 고환을 적출해 먹고 자살했다. 경찰이 이 여자의 시체를 해부하자 태아가 나왔다. 국과수 부검결과 정우준 검사의 아내가 정우준의 아이를 임신하고 나서 임신중독으로 인한 이상 식욕 증상으로 시아버지의 고환을 섭취한 것으로 추정했다.
Тесть, бывший премьер-министр Чун Хонг-выиграл, взял свою невестку, жену прокурора Чун Ву-жун, в ресторан, и он кормил «Живой осьминог-Сашими», и он отвез ее в мотель. Однако жена Чун Ву-жун показала аномальное аппетит, и она удалила тестику своего тестя, а затем она покончила жизнь самоубийством. Когда полиция расчленила ее тело, появился плод. После объявления результатов вскрытия от Национальной судебной службы Кореи жена Юнга Ву-жун была оценена, что она взяла яички отца из-за симптома аномального аппетита из-за зависимости от беременности после зачатия дочери Чун Ву-жун.

File: 1524645337758.jpg (25.97 KB, 387x405, hng.jpg)


I make le thread


File: 1524756813916.jpg (390.83 KB, 1600x1200, bad.jpg)




File: 1525802018109.gif (996.99 KB, 400x400, Lesbian Anal Fisting at Seoul …)


"Prime Minister Chung Hong-won, who has been detained in the Seoul detention center on suspicion of paraphilia, SECKSual deviation, is scandalous about applying cupping therapy on Park Geun-hye's genitalia to cure her gonorrhea.
Prosecutor Chung Woo-jun summoned Chung Yoon-hoi who is Park Geun-hye’s SECKS partner, former President Lee Myung-bak, former Prime Minister Lee Wan-koo, and former Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn to interrogate each other, and then Park begins her menstruation again.

성도착 혐의로 서울구치소 수감된 정홍원 총리, 박근혜 불감증 치료위해 성기에 부황떠서 물의
정우준 검사.. 동거남 정윤회, 이명박, 이완구, 황교안 총리 대질심문하자 박근혜 월경 시작해
鄭健準(チョン・ウジュン)検察官は、朴槿恵(パク・グンヘ)の性婚相手である鄭允ho(チョン・ヨンホ)院長、李-former(イ・ミョンバク)前首相、黄教授(ホン・ミョンバン)元首相、 彼女の月経が再び始まります。
Премьер-министр Чун Хонг-вон, задержанный в следственном изоляторе Сеула по подозрению в парафилии, в сексуальном уклоне, скандально относится к применению купирующей терапии на гениталиях Парка Гюн-ги для лечения ее гонореи.
Прокурор Чунг Ву-жун вызвал Чун Юн-хоя, который является сексуальным партнером Парка Гюн-ги, бывшим президентом Ли Мён Баком, бывшим премьер-министром Ли Ван-ку и бывшим премьер-министром Хвангом Кё-аном, чтобы допросить друг друга, а затем Парк снова начинает менструацию.

File: 1525800069544.gif (994.21 KB, 400x400, Sewol ferry fellatio spiked ch…)


"Prime Minister Chung Hong-won draws attention from others by organizing the traditional Korean exorcism that a shaman rides on the Sewol ferry instead of a straw cutter for praying for the success of human sacrifice ceremony in Jeolla Province.
In the salvation religious rally on board which is organized by Salvation pious religious group leader Yoo Byung-eun at Sewol ferry, Prosecutor Chung Woo-jun has perverted SECKSual intercourse with shadowy ruler Choi Soon-sil.

정홍원 총리, 박근혜 대통령과 세월호 인신공양 기원하는 음문으로 작두타는 굿판벌여 눈총질
유병언 교주의 세월호 선상 구원파 종교집회에 정우준 검사, 최순실 비선실세와 변태 성교해
Премьер-министр Чунг Хонг-вон привлекает внимание других, организуя традиционный корейский экзорцизм, который шаман едет на палубе «Сьюол» вместо соломенного резака для молитвы за успех церемонии жертвоприношения человека в провинции Чолла.
В религиозном митинге спасения на борту, организованном религиозным лидером религиозной группы «Спасение» Ю Бун-эном на пароме «Сьюол», прокурор Чунг Ву-юн извратил половой акт с темным правителем Чой Сун-силом.

File: 1525796944133.gif (971.29 KB, 400x400, homosexual group sex at Love H…)


"Prime Minister Chung Hong-won frequently visits the Love House in the Blue House, and he shows off his genitalia to Secretary-general Kim Ki-choon to tempt him.
Kim Ki-choon and Chung Hong-won have committed homoSECKSual affection and they ignored President Park Geun-hye; they have anal SECKS with each other.
In the Group SECKS meeting hosted by Kim Ki-choon, Church of spirit world cult founder Choi Tae-min, Sewol ferry proprietor and Chairman Yoo Dae Gyun, and Prosecutor Chung Woo-jun attend there.

정홍원 총리, 청와대 사랑채에 자주 드나들며 김기춘 비서실장에게 생식기 과시하며 유혹해
김기춘 실장과 정홍원 총리 동성애 애정행각, 박근혜 대통령 무시하고 벌거벗고 계간 저질러
김기춘 실장 그룹섹스 친목회에 최태민 영세교 교주, 유대균 세월호 회장, 정우준 검사 참석해
キム・ギュヨンとチョン・ホンワンは同性愛者の愛情を表明し、朴槿恵(パク・グンヘ)大統領を無視した。 彼らはお互いにアナルセックスしています。
Премьер-министр Чун Хонг-вон часто посещает Дом любви в Голубом Доме, и он демонстрирует свои гениталии Генеральному секретарю Ким Ки-чону, чтобы соблазнить его.
Ким Ки-чон и Чунг Хонг выиграли гомосексуальную привязанность, и они проигнорировали президент Парк Гюн-ги; у них анальный секс друг с другом.
В групповом сексуальном собрании, организованном Ким Ки-чоном, присутствуют основательница духовного мира, основатель мира Чой Тэ-мин, владелец паром Sewol и председатель Yoo Dae Gyun, а также прокурор Чун Ву-жун.

File: 1525793655640.gif (990.62 KB, 400x400, The Blue House Office Chair Sa…)


"In the news of the sinking of the Sewol ferry, President Park Geun-hye calls Prime Minister Chung Hong-won, and she kicks his genitals for censuring on behind the Blue House office.
Chung's son, Prosecutor Chung Woo-jun, who was exempted from his military service as a lumbar disc, calls his wife for the revenge of his father and he makes a target investigation for Park Geun-hye.

박근혜 대통령, 세월호 침몰에 정홍원 총리를 집무실 뒤로 불러 생식기를 가격하며 문책해
허리디스크 병역면제 받은 아들 정우준 검사, 부친 복수 위해 아내 불러 박근혜 표적수사해
В новостях о затоплении паром Sewol президент Park Geun-hye называет премьер-министра Чжун Хонг-вона, и она пинает свои гениталии за осуждение за офисом «Голубой дом».
Сын Чунга, прокурор Чунг Ву-жун, освобожденный от военной службы в качестве поясничного диска, называет свою жену мстителем своего отца, и он делает следственное расследование для Парка Гюн-ги.

File: 1525653505589.jpg (30.33 KB, 360x250, DcNdqvDXkAEw5nZ.jpg)


segue lel

File: 1525652774152.gif (974.39 KB, 375x300, Park Geun-hye, Kim Ki-choon, C…)


"Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, tried to convey the technique of Korean traditional waterboarding torture around the world, thinking that American style waterboarding torture taste was weak.
After capturing the director of CIA Gina Haspel, Kim Jong-un broadcasts waterboarding torture techniques in Korean traditional way through out internet personal broadcasting, and it has brought astonishment to the people of the world.
Kim Jong-un cut Gina's throat in front of Kim Jung-un’s transgender wife, Ri Sol-ju, and edited and broadcast the spewing blood with slow motion editing techniques.
Kim Jong-un wanted to become a breast augmentation surgeon and made big money in the United States and keikakuned to buy uranium from the IS with that plastic surgery money.
In North Korea, where the white race is lacking, Kim Jong-un asked Gina that, ""Do you know Korean breast augmentation?"" before taking the woman autopsy.
Kim Jong-un confused Gina's breast by inserting imkeikakuts, explaining Korean traditional methods to foreigners and brain and dexterity promote excellent genetic excellence, and contributing to the advancement of advanced breast augmentation technique in Korea.

File: 1525650840538.gif (967.78 KB, 375x300, Park Geun-hye Michelle - Lesbi…)


"Kim Jong-un, a North Korean dictator and his transgender wife Ri Sol-ju, sneaked into Christopher Wray's FBI director's house, and then Christopher's transgendered wife Helen Garrison Howell was arrested in an emergency by them.
Ri Sol-ju dragged Helen to the dungeon of Christopher in the basement of the Christopher mansion which is secretly constructed and mobilized all the equipment in there to perform indiscriminate torture on Helen’s reproductive organs and anus.
However, Helen was making a smile on her face because she had too much Botox in her face, and Ri Sol-ju thinking that Helen enjoyed the pain and called her torture engineer Kim Jong-un to torture her directly.
As a last resort, Kim tied Helen to a chair, fisted to her genitalia by hand with his own hands, and penetrated the anus, grabbing Helen's uterus and pulling out and torturing her.
However, Helen had too much Botox in her labia and anus, so Kim could not pull his hand out of Helen's pussy.
Helen, who was insulted with the highest dignity to give Kim Jong-un's anger, was sentenced to death by beheading, but Helen, who was a transgender, did not get sliced by the knife because she had too much Botox in her neck to get rid of the muscles in the neckline.

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