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Find a name more beautiful than 'Senjougahara'.

Fact: you can't.


File: 1480983807411.jpg (55.38 KB, 482x750, myedits_monogatari_all _ Tumbl…)

Fun fact: Senjougahara is Italian for slut skank dog fucker.

Pro fact: Hanekawa is the name of the first immortal anime princess


""Fun"" fact it's not fun because this problem stems from one of the main reasons why we can't have nice things: This post was written by a member of the Shit Waifu Disinformation Society (SWDIS), also commonly referred to as the Sour Whiny Dick Inhaling Sluts. I'm above name calling, but this is a thing. They make horrible posts full of lies like this. Anytime you think this world might be redeemable just remember that there are people who earn their livelihood making posts such as this in order to mislead people into having shit taste.


File: 1481040219219.jpg (147.91 KB, 768x955, Hanekawa tsubasa _) by EK9000 …)

This poster can't even hide behind anonymity so take everything they say as the words of a flamboyant foolhardy flaming f*g

hanekawa <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 :p


Every second I'm a different person than the one I was the last second. It may be true that you were responding to a "flamboyant foolhardy flaming f*g" then but as of now I could be a calm and collected, aSECKSual horse for all you know. Either way you were responding to someone with a point that you didn't refute. The person you were responding to was irrelevant to the point. As for you, being a member of SWDIS is relevant as it puts your posts and their false and intentionally misleading content into context. In order to fully appreciate what you're claiming we need to know if it's truthful and what motive you might have to post such things. You being a member of SWDIS though, none of this probably matters to you. You just want to spread disinformation and leave.

TL;DR don't wander out at night and get killed by your homicidal cat girl. lock your doors and windows, but most of all enjoy your shit waifu.


File: 1481151791725.jpg (531.85 KB, 766x860, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

<sill posting with a blank name
I'm only explaining myself because you need to be saved from a lifetime of ineptness.

1. Hanekawa is hot, no debate.
2. Senwhoever is ok by comparison
3. Hanekawa actually cares for her l*be interest since she could have had ararargi at the book store but let him go because she respected his relationship.

4. Senslut on the other hand just decided to give it up to him since he showed her how to save herself.

5. This pic

And those are my top five reasons why hanekawa is better than that other "person"


go to hell


File: 1481486814832.jpg (227.04 KB, 500x1255, senjougahara cosplays homura.j…)

1. The sum total of Senjougahara's personality combined with her loyalty and physical appeal is greater than Hanekawa's. Hanekawa is just a walking encyclopedia. You could replace her with an android and no one would notice a change in her personality. Maybe there'd be less murders and assaults every night, but that'd be the only significant difference.
2. See above
3. That's not a given. She only cares about not being seen as the whore who steals her friend's boyfriend for all we know.
4. She saved herself, and if anyone other than her own self saved her it was Meme.
5. No


Alot of assumptions and your pic just shows how much of a whore she is. She has to have other character traits to make her a Character' that's why she all but sropped out of the series after her 'arc'. Ps hanekawa got multiple arcs and her own series.


It's a reference to a character her VA also plays, you dip.


File: 1481794372456.jpg (186.72 KB, 480x678, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

I get the reference still doesn't change the fact that she's almost none existent in her series.


Stop posting this /metaphor/ anime


That's just a part of what makes her such a great girl. She doesn't spend her time competing with Araragi for the liemlight. Not only that, she trusts him and let's him go about his own business only stepping in when he needs help or advice.


Maybe she knows her place when it comes to "her man" but that doesn't change the fact that hanekawa is my favorite and I personally think senjougahara is a man eating slut. Just like every woman irl they are too whorish. But not anime babes. Why would you choose the normie Stacy slut when you can have the kind, sweet hearted pretty outcast?

(also hanekawa is literally a cat girl)


>is class president
>assaults people at night
>almost kills her own parents and Araragi

And Senjougahara doesn't "know her place as a woman". She's just a decent person, not a desperate, overly-jealous narcissist.


You just don't see hanekawas true depth. She possessed the meddle cat apparition remember. She obviously done that so she could unleash herself instead of living as a robot in a life she hates. Hanekawa truly is a cuck and a loser at life and that's why I like her so much. Senslut on the other hand had a taste of what her life is (misery).

I'd pick hanekawa over spermbankar any day and I think that's the last part of her character appeal to me I that she didn't get picked in the end.


I think that's the last part of her character that appeals to me, that she didn't get picked in the end.




File: 1482469937925.jpg (10.77 KB, 204x247, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)

Who here /snakesupporter/?


Snake is scum of the earth. Petty, jealous to the point of homicidal, has "problems" (ex: "People think I'm cute. This is totally not easily fixed ;____; really…", "Why won't my childhood crush leave his girlfriend for someone who's way too young for him? ;____;", etc), is willing to give her virginity to someone she "loves" through completely unromantic seduction (this is someone she's later willing to kill), and by the end of her arc she's just a drunkard slut who basks in any attention she can get.


sounds like me tbh


Good to know that you identify with a shit character. Great reason to avoid you. Thanks for the warning.


its better to identify with a shit character than to be one imo


and you're both a shit character and you identify with one? got it


well, what do you identify as?


typical pussy runs away from a fight. smgh


>thinking it's a fight

Grow up. Oh, wait. XD


File: 1482729774042.jpg (12.8 KB, 320x320, 15099523_1882604018627568_2339…)

are you angry you lost?


who is this nostril nave


File: 1483676328548.jpg (52.09 KB, 720x720, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

Uhh wait are we still talking about anime?


File: 1493459161161.jpg (2.58 KB, 126x125, yaranaicat 1371965255216.jpg)

geez, you guys need to get a life


File: 1494101697789.gif (1013.62 KB, 500x206, Senjou with Araragi on bike.gi…)

Well after all, Senjougahara indeed is the best girl in all of monogatari. It's no surprise really.


File: 1494122736815.jpg (325.91 KB, 600x880, c8bd2a848d5223f7ceb6f24624dce6…)

Well best girl is actually Hanekawa but I'll forgive you because you're cute.


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