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Who wants to play anime girls with me?


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>in the not-so-distant future it will be possible to lewd online strangers in a virtual anime world


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Wow that's a special type of anime girl~
Keep it up anime girl!
Try your best anime girl!


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>Have about 5000 k-on pics
>watched it tonnes
>read and own the manga
>k-on waiu
>Have every song
>Have visited Japan and been to the school and areas they have visited in Kyoto, same in London
>Watched live concerts (have the big 100gb k-on folder)
>shit loads of merch

I started to think, why does it make me sad and depressed? Does the show make me regretful of how my school life was or perhaps does it make me realise that time is precious?

In reality i was just confused about the K-ON end, it does play on emotional strings. I was so invested in the characters and the universe that I couldn't stand that it had come to a stop. I filled that hole with almost every relevant thing to K-ON, that didn't really work. What has given me relative peace is stepping back and looking at the show. The movie ending is far superior and anyone who is sad about K-ON should rewatch it as it is good for closure.

1) The friendships don't end, the main four go to college together
2) The light music club doesn't end
3)The girls plan for the future, for Azu's graduation at the end of the movie and look forward to what is coming.

At the end of the day though, the Keions which I love looked to the future and we know from the canon that its a good one, so why shouldn't I be happy with or for them? This show is genuinely one of the biggest influences in my life over the past decade and I swear to never forget that. My love for K-ON will end when I'm gone and not before. I plan to enjoy it, not be sad and rather use it as a light when I am. I'll find peace at the end of the road and hopefully I'll find them there as well.

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