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Is anyone else here from /ota/?



I bet a lot of people, including me are, but we don't say we are because we're tripfigs and we'd get accused of crossboarding. I think I've seen another /ota/ tripfig here, a certain some one who posts pictures of a Pokemon characters all the time. It might not be though. There's definitely some people anyway, because I've asked before.


File: 1369735023642.jpeg (224.11 KB, 500x600, 6024ddd5b89b89b719fc58bcc59393…)

I-its dead?


File: 1369735365109.jpg (47.29 KB, 500x281, 1360392908230.jpg)

What was this chan? I hardly got to know thee. ;_;

Me though I'm from 4chen /s4s/ or originally from /b/ in 2004 (that's why you see all these silly wordfilters around…)


File: 1369735911969.png (226.64 KB, 555x818, 644d858cb183f70412c734f24acf62…)


It was made to get away from /jp/'s janitor. Its biggest board was 2D/Random, where we would spend our days posting 2D and taking it easy. I honestly can't believe its gone, its become a big part of my life.


File: 1369736691222.gif (486.16 KB, 1280x720, 1360393667855.gif)

If it only was still around people could have evacuated.



Yeah, it was completely unexpected. You can't make a site with that kind of community and just ditch it. The admin could have at least told everyone.


File: 1369737107435.gif (1.39 MB, 800x600, 1366968130785.gif)

another dead chan?
:( It seems like the old ways are dying out even faster then they were.

Here is a maid gif to cheer you up.


File: 1369737733149.jpg (902.98 KB, 800x1131, 05d4b991f8b5cdde22734ddf8ecee5…)


The worst thing is, it was still very active. Its only been removed for the admins personal reasons. I have no idea where everyone else has gone, I suppose I'll just stay here from now on.


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That must be some good fish.


File: 1369739229785.png (195 KB, 465x453, ebin.png)

Hello! I am from /ota/!


What is this site? How did this happen?


/lup/ or /ota/?


If anyone doesn't know, we went from 4/jp/ to /moe/ and finally here:


Seems like we still haven't found a board suited to us though. /moe/ was easily the worst.


What are you looking for in a board?

I mean a suitable board could be arranged. If you are ok with it that is…


Tbh I don't think this is the best place. We need an admin who knows what's up.

But basically, we just take it easy.


Really? That's very kind of /lup/… but our needs are many, especially about fageration and all I guess


Taking it easy I'm fairly good at.

But no I guess I don't know what's up.

I barely have any idea what I'm doing with this chan, heh.


Well mods could also be arranged. Or is it lack of mods that is want?

Edit: silly wordfilter…


File: 1369740560021.jpg (591.32 KB, 1000x1000, 1360395558044.jpg)


Good luck in finding a suitable board, whatever you should choose anyhow.


The whole /a/ part might be a problem. I just want to talk about otaku stuff with my /ota/ friends and take it easy without random memeing and greentext everywhere.



You mean quotes?


Well yeah, but I mean when people use them when they aren't quoting anyone like
>mfw da best girl wins da oreimo

And that kind of thing.


Also that sounds pretty cool.

I like to talk about otaku stuff… as I am.


Yeah, I don't really like it either. As and old/b/-fig I consider it Figgy Newtongotry.


Or newfaggotry, without the wordfilter...
I'm getting trolled by my own wordfilter aren't I?



"Who are you quoting?" is a meme here, so its a catch-22. Greentexting happens, but its not exactly commonplace, if people want to be funny they usually make the text weird here. I don't think most people would mind you discussing anime here, heck I'd invite it, just don't try to force discussion or be a qualityfig.



*wouldn't mind


I'd go so far as to invite anime discussion here, too. I'd be really happy to see some anime discussion going on. I would probably join in on it too.

This board is currently somewhat without substance due to it's newness.


I'd like anime discussion, as long as we take it easy like [a/jp] was intended for.


Start a thread or two to set an example, is my tip.


File: 1369741916729.jpg (154.55 KB, 372x473, 1360396930421.jpg)

600 GET!


Admin GET


File: 1369742087829.png (1.3 MB, 1293x1080, 1360394484824.png)

Get back to /s4s/ Gippo.


Holly shit, this website is like, trying too hard.

Wordfilter and epic meme everywhere.

/ota/ would turn into shit by being hosted alongstide the rest of the boards here because it'd get contaminated by a much different (and worse, in my opinion) culture.

I mean, I'm not going to tell you how to get your funs, but this just won't do it. /ota/ was a secular refuge

>just don't try to force discussion
Threads with less than 1 word per 10 posts being 60% of the first 5 pages is what killed /ota/ though.

And half of the rest were "WWWW CRAZY" shit. The only reason people ever replied to sparky was for him not to spread his shit into other threads.

Anyway, you guys are too random and not 2D enough to be 2D/random.
Also you suck at cuteposting, and I haven't seen any iceburn either.


File: 1369742316147.jpg (258.73 KB, 850x1246, 1360393793187.jpg)

So… where were we?

Anime discussion?


So what animes are people watching?

Here comes the clusterfuck that is my list:

Suisei no Gargantia
Hunter X Hunter
Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter
Zettai Bouei Leviathan
Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san
Saint Onii-san OVA (and the movie when it comes)
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W
DokiDoki! Precure
Kakumeiki Valvrave
To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S
Miyakawa-Ke no Kuufuku

Not ongoing:
Futari wa Pretty Cure
Excel Saga

Rewatching (sort-of):
Allison to Lilia
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt


Ok… I guess. I'm planning to remove the wordfilters to /s4s/ only though.


lel admin fail


One last question before leaving, though: How big is the onahole comunity around here?


File: 1369742501379.gif (493.24 KB, 500x375, uoJKe.gif)

I'll let you know if /ota/ ever gets resurrected.


I haven't had the guts to buy one…



Erm, that's just not true. Early /ota/ was pretty much like this but more, I don't know, "otaku like". Don't forget, this chan is only about a week old if that. When /ota/ was made there was all sorts of shit like that, shit the 4000 GET on 2D Random was a picture of Gary saying "U mad losers?". Like I said, I don't really think this place if for you if you don't "understand" /s4s/, although given how /s4s/ is now, you can't even lurk to find out. Gippo, Natsume, Mari, 名無し and a few other anons and namefigs are the only ones now who are left who understand it. To be honest, /s4s/ culture is more of a culture between them than an actual board culture.


It's about 4 days old.


Like he says, this chan and it's boards are far from fully formed yet. One person posting enough could change the character of the board quite a bit.


File: 1369743161620.jpg (96.91 KB, 800x1132, 32445854.jpg)

> Like I said, I don't really think this place if for you
Which is something that, if you read my post, I fully agree with.

>When /ota/ was made there was all sorts of shit like that

I don't really like your condescending tone.

Sorry, my whole post sound arrogant, but that's not the intention, I'm just autistic. Have a cute girl.


File: 1369743277399.jpg (141.49 KB, 700x952, 1360397663120.jpg)

Have cute squid-girl in return.


File: 1369743288493.jpg (484.26 KB, 836x1000, Tamayura.jpg)


Watching Tamayura at the moment. I don't have time to watch much else with work, Touhou and studying Japanese. I'm looking forward to Tamayura Futatose, Kin-iro Mosaic and the new Rozen Maiden series. I also want to watch Fantasista Doll.


File: 1369743321945.jpg (253.09 KB, 620x502, 1360426157507.jpg)

Or maybe this is cuter?


and now I remember that I really need to get watching more tamayura. I liked the OVA quite a bit. very relaxing.


File: 1369743381003.jpg (122.43 KB, 305x310, dyeqp.jpg)

Someone other than me posting on a/jp? I can't believe it.


File: 1369743459895.jpg (627.37 KB, 2078x2950, 1368803275531.jpg)


I wasn't being condescending at all. Why would I insult /ota/ when I love it? Its the only board I was on for a long time, and in my mind it turned into the prefect board with a brilliant balance of everything. I'm just saying that most chans are like this at first because no-one really knows what's up.


I'm always confused when somebody other than me posts on anywhere on lupchan…


I sure as hell don't know what's up.



It is very relaxing, isn't it? I just want to see what Kao-tan's special talent or interest is. I know she loves smells, but all the other girls have something specific they want to do.



i suppose nothing is really "up" yet, just like /s4s/ was. I have no idea what was "up" with /s4s/, but there definitely was something up.


File: 1369743776895.jpg (279.54 KB, 1548x772, 1339745166597.jpg)

Are you the original "the things I would do to that squid" guy?

How is the grammar going you big fag?
You should find some good material and nail down the particles を が に で へ…, then learn the basic adjective and verb conjugation (dictionary form, negative form, voltional form, te/ta/(tari/tara optional), te iru/te aru, saseru/rareru/saserareru, te miru)

With that down you should be able to watch anime without subs and understand 80% of it, only to be blocked by vocabulary. Grammar doesn't go much farther than that in japanese, but without that much you're fucked.


>Why would I insult /ota/ when I love it?
I didn't mean it that way.
What I meant is that your speech was phrased in such a way that it carried the "I know much more about /ota/ than you" nuance, and that made me uncomfortable.

You're missing demon burger and henneko.


Unless we speak about all the wierd conjugations you can do to verbs, and (verb〜て)verb-u. And let's not even mention keigo.


demon burger?

What is this.

Please teach me more.


And no. I just happened to have a relatively large Ika collection I scraped of some thread of /a/ once (I don't even remember why I was there, it was during my channing-only-occasionally-period)


File: 1369744212096.jpg (74.84 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg)

Hataraku maou sama and hentai ouji something something neko

Henneko is a moefest




Don't worry, I'll always have my eye on it….even if it takes 50 years ;_;


File: 1369744310479.jpg (10.16 KB, 181x278, gundam musume.jpg)

Ah. I'm prioritizing mecha this season.

I'm somewhat of a mecha-fag really, when it comes to it.

Although I really like the middle-land with techno-magical-girls like Nanoha, and recently Symphogear and Vividred.


[a/jp] is no longer excessively wordfiltered btw, as an experiment.

I felt it got in the way for discussions such as these for instance…


Hataraku maou sama. Cute 2ndere and kimono Saten.

Hentai ouji to warawanai neko. Cute girls. Cuter than GJ部, maybe.

Might also want to check yahari ore no seishun labu kome ha machigatteiru.

I included all the frequently used ones though.
Most of the time you don't even need shite like tari and saserareru.

I forgot to include the tier2 particles, aka "ので","には" and all the combos like "ですけど" "ではないかしら" but the combos are stuff you can easily understand via context and is hiragana.


I can't really recommend MGP, it's not bad but it's kinda bland.


True, when I read your post the second time.

I still have problems watching without subs. It's usually me being afraid of missing something. But I'm trying to watch zettai bouei leviathan without subs. Also japanese ponies, really simple japanese there.


and Sawashiro Miyuki as Twilight <3

Actually just Sawashiro Miyuki in general <3



に へ だ も and を I'm fine with, its mainly just が and は I have trouble with. じゃない、だつた、かつた and じゃかつた are the only conjugations I know. I know a bit of te form, I know how to change verbs into commands and past tense. Verb conjugation I don't know, but if I recognise a verb with a conjugation, I can usually guess what it is, for example I heard 分からない and I guessed that meant "I don't know".


分 This damn character means everything mean… Minutes, understanding and probably something more…


I'm still not proficient enough to understand everything the kid voice says at some episode intro, but no problem with the rest. SOL are the easiest to start with. I think I started with working s1; but I didn't have much trouble with guilty crown either.

You'll find wasei-eigo to be a bitch, though. ruukasaitoh = leucocyte.

I'd recommend SOL like YRYR, not deep edgy SOL like yahari[…]

Most people like to masturbate over anki, or even much worse shit like ebin nama zenzei; but a vocabulary sheet is what you'll really need. Especially if you want to play VN/eroge.


File: 1369745340798.gif (1.05 MB, 500x282, 1360401204368.gif)

Lucasites were not really a problem to recognize. I easily recognize english words turned Japanese, those are the easiest.

Also SOL? YRYR? All these acronyms


it's っ d00d.

多分 水分 分かれる 十分/充分 are the ones that come to mind.


Yes. That one character is of a fickle character.


Engrish gives me headache.

SOL = slice of lyfe
YRYR = yuru yuri
Holly shit dude, how many years have you been on /a/? Asking out of curiosity, not as a retort.


Not many at all. Never hung out on /a/ really, only been there occasionally.

Like I said I'm more of an old-/b/-fig. Started lurking around 2004/2005 when DESU was cool and people would still post waha.


You didn't stay on /b/ all this time, did you?


File: 1369745909362.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720, shot0093.png)

No I fled for my life somewhere around 2006/2007 I think.

And really only came back to 4chin for real when I found /s4s/.


Where did you go? /jp/?


Naw, was barely on 4chan at all.


I would come back for when moot trolled some chan. Things like that.

like when /b/ was upside down last time, it sort of forced out the newfags and it was kinda interesting.

Edit: Also I forget to enter my name all the time… Good thing I'm admin…


Don't names stay there automatically?

Also, how would you know if moot was trolling if you weren't there?


It gets out on the other parts of the net fairly quickly.

I would occasionally just go when bored as well.


It also goes out quite well in meatspace. I would occasionally know from a friend or so.


File: 1369747071746.jpg (12.76 KB, 176x134, image.jpg)

>having friends
>interacting with people


I know, I know… please bear with me…

At least I'm usually the nerdiest in the group…






File: 1369867437944.jpg (17.92 KB, 542x348, 1360394243636.jpg)

That's great to hear!


File: 1369868613801.jpeg (220.13 KB, 900x1200, 151d0045c3fb0e4fb779900c97e900…)


I almost had an orgasm when I heard the news.


Ota already has more posts to it than here…


Well, it's easier when you already have an established userbase…

We're basically a selection of the named of 4chan /s4s/… What do you expect?


And, no it doesn't have 2,610 posts upon further inspection…


File: 1369951446643.jpg (615.74 KB, 1280x960, 1361823075194.jpg)

Ah, wasn't counting /s4s/, just /ajp/ to jp. Soon then, soon.

Also, hello from /ota/


File: 1369951526044.png (634.04 KB, 1280x720, 1360400535651.png)


I believe I have said hello in ota's 2D/Random too.


File: 1369951603630.jpg (180.82 KB, 630x900, 1194936.jpg)

I saw


I was anonymous, and still am now!



I'm from ota!!!!


File: 1449547943961.jpg (143.59 KB, 720x960, V__B632.jpg)

Good thing I spammed those two threads :)

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