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We say "you're different from us" when we criticize someone, but do people who are like everyone else all the time even exist?!

It's such a waste that you're hooked on holding others back, not having the courage to transform the longing you've got for the things you can't do into anything!

I'm just in love, I'm not living my life like some robot.

So I'm a problematic girl, I don't wanna be bored.

You've got your problems too, you can't get used to what's normal either, can you?


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I feel like I'm going crazy.

I like nice songs and I want you to listen to them too!

Whenever I sing a song, I hear a voice coming from the microphone wishing me the best.

I want you to hear it too.

Good luck!

You can't show your love just with niceties.

That won't provide comfort.

Whenever I say something out of the ordinary in my heart I wish you the best

I want you to hear that line

Good luck!


Bonus round


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You won't be satisfied until you break my heart

You're never satisfied until the teardrops start

The way you toss my heart around's a cryin' shame

I'll bet you wouldn't like it if I did the same

You're only happy tearin' all my dreams apart

You won't be satisfied until you break my heart

Unless you hurt me and you'd know that I'd cried

It doesn't seem as though you'll ever be satisfied

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